Salve digital offers client centered solutions. Some companies need an active digital profile where they can update their website and follow the development of their digital engagement. Other companies need a fast and reliable page that guide their customers to their premices with location and openening hours. Every company has their own situation, but it all starts with a call.

Our products can be combined and adjusted to aid your company in your digital journey. Get to know our services and see what web design, development, CMS, and analytics can do for you.

First design, then implementation


A fundamental component is web design. We offer a design service where we focus on your goals, and make sure to have designs to cover mobile, tablets and computer screens. Once you have chosen the components you would need, we then start to draft the design.



Websites built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a semantic way that are relevant for search engines and approachable to customers. Dynamic sites uses Twig behind the scenes.


Companies with customers and stakeholders in multiple languages may want a website with internationalization: we offer Swedish and English in our services.


Enable interaction and customer input. With forms a customer may easily get in touch with a company without open their own mailing client.


We offer an analtics tool that respects your customers' privacy while empowering your insight in to customer engagement with your website. Our analytics tool is powered by Matomo. You will get insight into trends, what pages are most popular, and what drives visitors to your website.


Content Management System offers companies a way to update the content of their websites. An up-to-date website enhances the engagement with customers and gives it a better position in search engine results. Our solution is powered by the lightweight and secure Bolt CMS.


Website, CMS, analytics, and databases where needed: we can publish anything we develop and leave you with keys and authentications. Included in our service is training and training material to get the most out of your new websites.


Get a website for your business. Perhaps you've already got a clear picture of what you need, we can help you realise it. Or perhaps you have an abstract idea, we can help make it take form. Contact us today and let us form an action plan together.